Home Structure Inspection Services Lethbridge, Alberta

Lethbridge Certified Home Inspection Experts

We assess structure according to the Standards of Practice within the scope of a home inspection.

The inspector shall:

A. Inspect:

  1. Structural components including visible foundation and framing.
  2. By probing a sample of structural components where deterioration is suspected or where clear indications of possible deterioration exist. Probing is NOT required when probing would damage any finished surface or where no deterioration is visible.

B. Describe:

  1. Foundation(s).
  2. Floor structure(s).
  3. Wall structure(s).
  4. Ceiling structure(s).
  5. Roof structure(s).

C. Report:

  1. On conditions limiting access to structural components.
  2. Methods used to inspect the under-floor crawl space
  3. Methods used to inspect the attic(s).

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