Common Mistakes Homeowners Make That Can Really Cost You

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If you are a homeowner, you know that maintaining your home is important to protect your investment. Unfortunately, many homeowners fail to invest in maintenance before major systems start malfunctioning. To keep the costs of maintaining your property down, it is important for you to focus on preventative measures. To help you avoid some basic errors that many homeowners have made before, Pynewest Home Inspections LTD has put together a list of the most common mistakes made by homeowners that can really cost you. 

1. Underestimate the importance of diverting water away from their foundations
Homeowners will sometimes underestimate the importance of extending their eave trough downspouts to divert water from the roof, away from their foundations. Foldable extensions are forgotten, rigid ones get removed while the lawn is being mowed as they are seen as an inconvenience. When used, these extensions preserve the foundation and prevent water from entering the basement. Reconfigure downspouts to be fixed, permanent, and deliver water to logical spots where it can help the landscaping and not damage the house structure.

2. Forget the importance of fire and carbon monoxide protection 
Homeowners tend to forget the importance of fire and carbon monoxide protection in their homes. A majority of homes are using detectors that are way past being trustworthy or don’t have detectors at all. They fail to recognize that the implications are life and death. Dust on the sensors makes all detectors unreliable after ten years. Check the replacement date on the unit, if there isn’t one, change it out. Don’t vacuum the sensor, change it. Place all detectors within a few meters of bedroom entrances. If fire and CO detection is not in the same unit, remember that fire detectors have to be above us while CO detection can be low or high as it is relatively the same weight as air. Check all detectors regularly.

3. Are unaware of the importance of ventilation 
The importance of ventilation is unknown to many homeowners. The solution to pollution is dilution, and pollution comes in many forms. It could be smoke, heat, or grease in the air from the kitchen. It could be smells coming from the bathroom or dust in any room. Windows that open, fans that exhaust to the exterior, and new and/or clean filters with those fans make a home healthier and more comfortable. Money invested in these features is well spent and will return to you in re-sale.

4. Take their sump pump for granted
Many homeowners take their sump pump for granted. Its job is to pump away water gathered from below the basement floor to prevent it from seeping into the gap between the floor and the foundation. Testing the pump regularly by using a big bucket to fill the pit will allow the owner to rest easy, knowing the pump will activate when the water table in the ground is high.

5. Trust a furnace to be safe beyond its expected lifespan
Many homeowners will trust a furnace to be safe beyond its expected lifespan. While cracked heat exchangers are rare, a failed one could allow carbon monoxide to be blown throughout the home. We rely on heat exchangers to warm the air and route the gases from the flames out through the chimney or vent. They are trustworthy for twenty-five years or so and should be checked annually or replaced, with the rest of the furnace, after that time.

6. Ignore trees or bushes that grow besides fences or fountains 
When considering landscaping, homeowners will often ignore trees or bushes that volunteer to grow beside fences or foundations. Not every growth is planted with intent, they often time take root themselves. As they grow, they will displace anything in their way, including wood or concrete fences or foundations. Keep an eye on new growth and move or remove that which will cause damage.

To avoid these and other mistakes, reach out to the experts at Pynewest Home Inspections LTD. Our home inspection experience is inclusive. We encourage you to join us during the home inspection and to ask questions as you go. Having you with us on the inspection also gives us an opportunity to provide you with tips on home care and maintenance. For instance, you can learn how to change the furnace filter, turn off the water, gas, and electricity in an emergency. We provide a comprehensive written report to serve as your guide for as long as you own the home. It not only describes the house components and their condition, but also provides insight into what improvements will be necessary, and when.

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