What Makes Pynewest Home Inspections LTD. Stand Out!

Author: Tom Pyne | | Categories: Exterior Home Inspection , Home Inspection Experts , Structural Inspection

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About Pynewest Home Inspections LTD.

We started the business in 2007 as a partnership with me doing the inspections. Until 2018, we operated as a franchise under the Home-Alyze umbrella. When they closed their corporate side, we began operating as Pynewest Home Inspections LTD. with a new and improved digital reporting system and all the experience and best practices from our first eleven years.

As a home inspection company, we offer the most comprehensive home inspections for people buying, selling, or renovating a home. As the owner of the company and a professional home inspector, I do a thorough discovery and assessment of the property to inform clients about the decisions they face regarding the condition of their home. 

We also provide thermal imaging services. We have a thermal imaging camera, and I have been certified to use it since 2013. 

Based in Lethbridge, I extend my services to communities around Southern Alberta, including Lethbridge, High River, Fort MacLeod, Pincher Creek, Cardston, Claresholm, Vulcan, Taber, Coaldale, and the surrounding areas. I work six days a week! 

The real estate industry is somewhat seasonal in that the winter is not typically as busy as the other three seasons. However, there have been exceptions to that rule. 

As a business, I believe we are currently in a state of maturity – we are still expanding our client base and, of course, always on the learning curve with changes in building methods, evolving standards of practice, and new construction and inspection technology.

The Pynewest Home Inspections LTD. Difference

As a home inspector, my value-added proposition is that I arm clients with the information they seek. I convey it clearly so they can master it and use it to make better decisions regarding their imminent deal and maintenance of their property moving forward.

What sets me apart from the rest of my competitors is my experience. It enables me to interpret novel and difficult problems in the properties I inspect and teach my clients about them. It’s not just about the facts; you have to put them into perspective.

Because of the training I received, I was able to get my business up and running in no time. I was trained by inspectors who were unsurpassed in the industry and had a lot of experience as trainers. I currently hold the highest designation with the Alberta Property and Home Inspectors Society, the Professional Home Inspector title.

Today, my business thrives because of our professionalism, attention to detail, and personal connection that we build with our clients. In fact, these are the main reasons we get positive reviews and repeat business. 

Receiving positive testimonials and building a loyal client base is what makes me most proud to own this business. But the most noteworthy part of running this business is knowing that we have been consistently satisfying clients. I believe you are only as good as your next inspection.

I am fortunate in that I have a good-sized cadre of realtors that refer clients to me. Most of them have been relying on me for several years, so by the time I meet their clients, they have enough information to know that they can trust me. That makes communication easier, which improves my ability to determine what clients expect and helps me meet those expectations.

As a business owner, I hope to continue providing inspections for several years to come.

While I am really passionate about what I do, I also care about protecting the environment. So, as part of our service, we teach our clients how to conserve whether it is water, natural gas, or electricity. Our clients are not served until they know how to live within their means safely and comfortably in the house they purchase.

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